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Yes, more pictures of my boy~! I bought him an outfit from kuina from DoA. Its amazingly gorgeous! I bought a blue and white one like it for my girl I'm saving for. I recommend buying from her, as its a lovely outfit. ;D

name : 冴月
from : dream of doll
model : DoT - Homme Ducan
faceup : default
wig : default
eyes : sharingan eyes
kimono + pants + tie + obi : kuina from DoA
'belt'-ish part : a bracelet I had
wristband : from clair's or icings a long time ago, its a finger band
hair beret : I got a mini assortment pack a long time ago in some beachie store like maxway or something... I don't really remember exactly. xD


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Just a quick update~

As I have said time and time before; my camera is horrid... and I had not-too-great lighting. And his eyes are odd... DDD: Eh, I just felt like I should take some quick pics. I'll take him to the park or something and try to get some better shots...

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01 July 2007 @ 12:48 pm
Okay, just so you all know, my main LJ is prussianknight. I will be there more often, so feel free to contact me there if you'd like.

And, although I am sure you all know, I am Kiri_Akurei on DoA.

Okay, thats all done with...

I am planning on getting a Tender E-an as soon as I can, although I've fallen in love with Shall again too... so, I'm not so sure who to get now. xD Any input?
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PIC SPAM of Satsuki [冴月].

These pictures are from a yard sale I had. It slowed down quite a bit, so I took some pictures of my boy. :D
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